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  tracyhawkins's profile

My Picture

  • The basics
  • First Name: Tracy
  • Last Name: Hawkins
  • Gender: Female
  • Year of Birth: 1983
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Home Church/Pastor's Name : Nettleton Pentecostal Church; Bro. Larry Davis
  • Home Country: US
  • City/State: Nettleton, Ms
  • About me
  • A Litte About Me: Hi I'm Tracy...
    I love the Lord and thank Him for EVERYTHING HE's done for me!
    If it wasn't for the Lord I wouldn't be here today. Dec. 2007 God decided saved me. I was rushed to the ER for a fever of 105.2. I was dx. with pneumonia, flu. I was put onto a floor and stayed there for a few days. I remember nothing of the stay until I woke up in ICU on a Tuesday. I was told that the night before I was only given 12-24 hours to live. And things weren't looking good. If it wasn't for the prayers of the saints of God I don't know if I would be here today. God hears every prayer, and the Bible says if you ask in Jesus Name then you will recieve. I received a healing!
    I thank God for everything that he's done for me not just that one time but for everything.
  • Interests and Hobbies: Church, Fishing, Softball, Movies, Music, Singing,(althou gh I am not so good.) Hanging out with my friends.
  • Favorite Website(s): God Tube, myspace, youtube, and of course this one.
  • My Favorite Song: I am Pentecostal, and sooooo many more. I'm Just Warming Up.
  • Even More about me
  • High School: I went to Nettleton High
  • College/University:
  • My Occupation : I work in the Nursing Feild
  • Personal Website/Blogs: www.myspace.com/tracyhawk

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